Monday, July 20, 2009

4 days left!

I really want to wear my dress this Friday at the Fort. I don't know whether or not I'm attending the event yet, but I need a deadline.

So, I'm kinda doing a step-by-step photo shoot.

Step one, Picking It Apart:

(That's me with a doleful look on my face, wearing a fedora I made about a week ago)

Step two, Separate And Remove Lining:

Step three, Draft New Sleeves and Change Collar Style:

Well, that's all for now folks. No, that band-aid isn't because I accidentally stabbed myself with my needle.

I feel kinda annoyed with the way Blogger arranges the pictures!
I want to put a picture in one place, Blogger sticks it in a different place, I have to drag it all around, my text is flying everywhere and it's very irritating! I need to find a tutorial somewhere...recommendations?

I'm off to do the dishes!


Graydon L said...

when uploading pictures, just select "center". All the pictures come up on the top of the post, but you can just cut/paste them where you want them.

Victoria said...

Oh, Sophia, I am so sorry about the bleach on your beautiful dress, which I certainly admired. I hope you will be able to wear the new one to the Fort on Friday. Victoria

Sophia said...

Thanks Graydon

Sophia said...

Thank you Victoria! I think that I'll get it done.

MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh, dear! I hope you get your dress done on time! I probaby won't be there on Friday, so I may not see you again before Birgade!